This is Episode 16, “The People, Processes, and Performance of Successful Sales Organizations” With Rich Cocuzzo. Rich is founder of Sales Velocity Ad...View Details

This is Episode 15, “Focusing on Product Experience With Adam Robinson.” Adam is an expert Marketer in the Supply Chain and Logistics industry. We dis...View Details

This is Episode 14, “A Calling To Serve Others”, and my guest is Noel Burcellis. Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald’s House, Orange County, a n...View Details

This is Episode 13, “Understanding Your Customers With Katie Rucker”, and my guest is Katie Rucker. Co-Owner & President of MacKenzie Corporation,...View Details

This is Episode 12, “Can Restaurants Survive a Pandemic”, and my guest is Jorge Pacheco. Originally from Colombia, Jorge is now the owner of Kulture K...View Details

This is Episode 11, “During COVID, Every Company is a Startup”, and my guest is Quinn Taber. Quinn was born in France and spent his childhood travelin...View Details

This is Episode 10, “Using The Power of Video to Change the World" with Jeremy Gant, the founder and executive producer of One Ten Pictures, a digital...View Details

This is Episode 9, “How to Thrive in Uncertainty”, and my guest is Grant Van Cleve, global entrepreneur, angel investor, and business incubator expert...View Details

This is Episode 8, “The Post COVID Economic Flywheel”, and my guest is Will Crist, Professional EOS Implementer and longtime sales trainer and busines...View Details

This is Episode 7, “The Real Estate Coil, Ready to Spring”, and my guest is Sanford Coggins CEO of VisionWise Capital, an investment fund and operator...View Details

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