For Episode 3, my guest is Charles Antis, CEO of Antis Roofing in Irvine, CA. Charles is not only one of the most respected roofing experts in the country - he’s also a dynamic business leader, humanitarian, and champion of Corporate Social Responsibility.  He truly walks the talk.

I had the chance to sit down with Charles on May 1 of this year, and we talked about how to deal with fear, the critical importance of focusing on your people, and how to survive and thrive as a leader in times of crisis through mindset, attitude and personal disciplines. I know you’ll get a ton out of value out of our conversation. 

So please, sit back and enjoy my interview with Charles Antis.

Your host is Kevin Krusiewicz, Founder of Marketing Trail Guide, who provides virtual,  fractional marketing strategy and leadership for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). 

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Date 6/8/20

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