Welcome to the Marketing Trail Guide Podcast - Season 1 - “Opportunities in Crisis.” My name is Kevin Krusiewicz and I am the Founder at Marketing Trail Guide, and we provide fractional marketing strategy and leadership for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System or EOS.

The goal of this first season, "Opportunities in Crisis," is to help small businesses of $1-20M in annual revenue, adapt, survive and thrive in this economy that is being shaped by the challenge of a generation - COVID - 19.

I’m interviewing all types of leaders in various sectors - business owners, operators, philanthropists, non-profits, investors, business coaches, Professional EOS Implementers, and consultants, from various verticals, business functions, and perspectives. We’ll cover mindset, disciplines, temporary vs permanent shifts in different markets, frameworks and lenses, employee issues, finance issues, sales issues, - in other works, important topics to help you survive and thrive. My guests are facing the same challenges we all are. They are exceptional leaders, are successfully identifying opportunities during this crisis, and they want to help other leaders do the same because they believe, like I do, that we are all in this together - that rising tides do lift all ships. 

Now I know many of us normally listen to podcasts during our commute and there’s not a whole lot of that going on right now, so think about listening during a morning walk or your peloton class, or watch an episode on Youtube while you’re winding down in the jacuzzi or bath before hitting the pillow. Mix it up and share your feedback about what’s working for you.

Each episode is broken up into two segments and we’re shooting for an overall length of about 40 minutes - apologies if we go long.

In the middle of the two segments I’ll be highlighting a life-affirming non-profit. I know this is usually the time to use the skip ahead button, but I encourage you to listen to the message of an important non-profit and get involved where you can.

Please join us for Episode 2 where I interview John Whitt, an executive coach, as he shares how he is helping his clients - business owners -  with their mindset, strategy, and execution and how he’s finding opportunity in the midst of a very personal crisis himself. I hope to see you there.

To learn more about Marketing Trail Guide, visit https://marketingtrailguide.com.

Date 6/8/20

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