This is Episode 10, “Using The Power of Video to Change the World" with Jeremy Gant, the founder and executive producer of One Ten Pictures, a digital media company that seeks to advance churches, ministries, and causes through media.


Jeremy and I talk about the importance and growing relevance of video in “normal times” and in times of crisis and uncertainty. We cover the value of video for non-profit and for-profit organizations, and how it can be used to communicate both internally and externally. 


We discuss the new possibilities in the medium, how the impact of video will be viewed historically, and the power of videos in times of social movements. Jeremy will shed some light on big-budget production versus low-cost videos, and answers the question, “Can you make a video go viral?”


Finally, we cover how video fits into the wider, long-term marketing journey as a relationship-building tool and content format.


Your host is Kevin Krusiewicz, Founder of Marketing Trail Guide, who provides virtual,  fractional marketing strategy and leadership for companies running on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). 


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Date 7/13/20

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